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Whether a student, or an employee (former student), there is something about the end of summer that seems like a drag.

If you’re in the workforce, it may be the after work activities that begin to wind down. The outdoor fun times seem less exciting as business picks up again (unless you run a summer seasonal business like a water park or a lemonade stand or a pay-by-the-ride-slip-n-slide). The days begin to shorten, and looking outside to the bright and green world doesn’t bring such a longing sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). Summer ends, work picks, up and a new season gives a new mood.

If you’re a student, sometimes the new school year is exciting, until it becomes routine. Then it’s just another year, and you begin planning for the next summer. 

We know this feeling. Human beings, and not hammock-selling-robots, run SOCO surprisingly enough.

That’s why we encourage hammocking. As a new season picks up, and the life-train begins to gather speed, we know it’s hard to slow down. Sometimes it’s best to just ride the train, take things as they come. Appointments, meetings, homework, kids, changes, new friends, parties, events, it always seems to happen at once.

And that’s okay.

As we move into the “Back to School” season, let’s not forget the importance of taking a break. Resting all the time isn’t healthy, but neither is working all the time either.

Take time for both.

So whether you chill in a SOCO or not, we recommend not forgetting what’s important: breathing. Take hikes, work hard, play, love those around you, get things done, enjoy your environment, enjoy your hammock.

It’s easy to let that hammock get dusty as the day’s plans fill up, but it’s also easy to let what a hammock allows you do be forgotten. As a message of love for our busy customers we recommend putting on a “hammock-state-of-mind” every once in awhile, even if you don’t break out the old SOCO.

It’d be cool if you broke out the SOCO though…

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