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SOCO has a different approach to doing business that stems fully from the belief that folks should be able to expect more out of the companies they choose to do business with.



Each quarter SOCO gives back 10% of our net proceeds to help alleviate poverty through our non-profit partner, Makarios who loves, educates, and empowers people living in poverty



SOCO puts people first. Aiding in the fight against poverty, as well as giving our customers peace about their purchase.



As a mission minded company we value people above all else. We believe in fair wages and work practices which is why we want our customers to know the actual people behind their purchase. In contrast to many other companies, SOCO Hammocks fully discloses the manufacturing information so that our customers know what they are paying for.

[Dimy and his team of artisans]

A small group of artisans in Indonesia, led by Dimy, hand-make every SOCO Hammock with precision and care. Dimyati Syam is the caring leader behind the manufacturing of SOCO hammocks. For his small group of only 8 employees, Dimy provides education, housing, meals, and gives them a percentage of income earned from his slowly increasing customer base. The salaries paid to his factory workers are based on quantity produced, a much better basis of payment as compared to the often low standard of salaries paid to workers in Indonesia. Health and social benefits are also provided to his staff as well.

You can hang in your SOCO Hammock with a peace of mind, knowing that your purchase has provided a much needed income to a small group of artisans, and that it has empowered the impoverished around the world. 





Raised in Fort Worth, TX, I always had a passion for adventure and the outdoors.  My passion to help the poor and my love for the outdoors was the platform on which SOCO Hammocks began.  Our mission to be a Socially Conscious company that gives back to empower the poor is why we do what we do. I now live in the great city of Austin, TX where I run SOCO Hammocks, adventure in the outdoors, and lead Makarios in empowering the poor in the Dominican Republic.  Kick back give back!