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Roses are red, violets are blue, aren't we sick of this poem opening?

It's Valentine's Day, and for the most part we know it's a holiday that hammock companies invented to sell hammocks. Which is exactly what this blog post is for. You and your significant other probably decided that you don't like to celebrate Valentine's day. "It's meaningless," you laugh. "What's the point?" you both say. 

But you know a gift is still expected.

Logic has been thrown out the window. Those roses and affectionate words are still expected (even though you KNOW the other person said don't get anything), so you're starting to sweat.

Well... no sweat no more, SOCO is here to save you both from that passive aggressive fight. What says "I've been thinking about you" more than a packable portable camping hammock made out of 100% parachute nylon? Nothing. Except maybe an engagement ring... or a lot of other things. That's beside the point.

But you know them better than we do, so if you think your loved one wants to snuggle next to you in the swinging comfortability of one of our hammocks go ahead and send them one from us. 

We also sell hats. Heart emoji.


SOCO Hammocks

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