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7 Things That Make SOCO Hammocks Great

We all know there are over 800 million different camping hammock brands. We also know that last statement was a gross exaggeration. Regardless... what sets SOCO apart? Here are seven reasons:



1. PARACHUTE NYLON: Outside of diamonds, the strongest material known to man and backed by some scientists (maybe) is parachute nylon. That's why our hammocks are made of exactly 100% parachute nylon. We figured if your willing to jump out of an airplane with it, then everything should be made out of parachute nylon, but we'll just start with out hammocks.


2. CINCH BUCKLES: Our hammock suspension system isn't weighed down, held back, or even stalked by creepy little carabiners that take all the fun out of a good hammock-and-tree party. The cinch buckles are simple and easy to adjust, just like your friend Jaspar who is always down to chill anywhere with anyone. We all need a Jaspar in our lives. 


3. GOOD STUFF: Our hammocks come from Dimy and his team of fair wage manufacturing artisans over in Indonesia. We aren't some big guns with eyes on our profit so we can buy some new yacht. We are the little guys- ready to take care of business with people and for people.


4. FIREPROOF: As long as our hammocks are never in or near a fire.


5. CAN DOUBLE AS A CAPE: If you're really into vigilantism (which we in no way condone Batman-like behavior) you can take our buckles out and tie your new cape on. Viola! You are now a very colorful looking super hero (we also cannot promise supernatural powers).


6. WASHABLE: Oops Mr. Wuggles turned your double SOCO into a litterbox. No fear, just remove the buckles, wash cold, and air dry for a fresh and clean hammock. Then report your neighbor Mr. Wuggles who acts like a cat to the proper authorities.


7. GIVES BACK: Our favorite thing about SOCO, and it's entire purpose is to give back to non-profits who are doing a real good in the world. That's why 10% of our total sales, not profits go back to humanitarian non-profits who kick butt at doing good. 


We hope if you are on the fence about hammocks, that you gently step down and lay in a SOCO for a change. That fence is pretty exhausting. 

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