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We realize it’s summer. It’s hot. It’s relaxing. It’s full of crazed-cabin-fever students who had no plans, and are now sleeping in past noon terrorizing suburbs all across the nation with pool parties and (heaven forbid) bike rides.

We think some of the best answer to the summer blues (if such a thing exist) is a good old-fashioned hammock off.

You could spend another lazy summer Saturday sitting on a couch, doing yard work, or binge-watching that Netflix series you promised yourself you would slow down with this time. Or even better, you could strap up your SOCO to some posts (trees, streetlights, sturdy children) and relax in the summer breeze.

We recommend first finding a shaded area, or indoors if you live in the desert doing its best to be habitable (AKA Arizona). Take a cooler with some beverages of your choice (drink responsibly, it would be unfortunate to spill your “Sprite” all over your summer dress). Maybe bring a summer read along, because it never hurts to get some education (or love novels) in whilst relaxing at full capacity. Last but not least, load up a boombox and be carried away by your favorite tunes (Jack Johnson isn’t a bad start).

Our favorite idea? Set up a projector outdoors and play a classic movie (we will for-ev-er recommend The Sandlot). Call it a “Swing-In” theater. Invite the neighborhood (makes for good ‘ole community building fun).

Best tip? Just kick off your shoes and let your SOCO make you feel weightless as you swing to the sounds of summer.

Keep Chillin,

SOCO Hammocks

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