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Non-Profit Highlight: Go MAD

Every month SOCO wants to highlight our past non-profit partners. We are thankful for the organizations that are helping make our world a better place. This month’s non-profit highlight is Go MAD Ministries.


Go MAD exist to make a difference in the world by bringing hope, opportunity and dignity to exploited individuals and their communities.


Their vision is to see exploited individuals and their communities transformed by the redemptive power of Jesus.


  • There are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world today.  That is more than at any other time in human history.1
  • The average cost of a slave today is about $90.  This is less than at any other time in human history.1
  • Slavery is illegal in every country yet affects 161 countries representing every continent and every economy in the world.2
  • Approximately 75% of those trafficked for slavery are women and girls.3
  • Estimates are that 5 million people are trapped in sex slavery today.  98% of those are women and children.4
  • Approximately 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year.  Around80% are women and girls and 50% are children.4
  • 2 children are trafficked every 60 seconds for sexual exploitation.4
  • The estimated annual profits from global trafficking are $32 billion.5
  • According to the FBI, human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal activity.



People often ask what a person can do with these numbers. Awareness without action will not win this war.  Go MAD wants to give you a few simple things you can do, and that you can share with others that they can do, to make a massive impact in the fight against human exploitation.

  • One of the best ways to prevent slavery and trafficking is with your consumer power.  The size of the U.S. economy makes us one of the biggest drivers for the use of slave labor.  Ask questions when you shop.  Find out if your local retailer stocks Fair-Trade products and look for the Fair-Trade mark.  Research the companies and brands you buy to find out what they are doing to ensure that slave labor is not part of their supply chain.  Purchasing products made in the U.S.A. is not a guarantee, but it is a good place to start.
  • The pornography industry is increasing the demand for human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Steer clear of internet pornography.  Oversees companies and individuals are some of the biggest offenders, especially those from Eastern European and Asian countries.
  • Help equip anti-slavery and anti-trafficking organizations with what they need to fight.  Even a small monthly donation can have a huge impact.

Go MAD is one of these anti-slavery organizations, to learn more on how to help connect with them below. Thank you Go MAD you are our heroes!



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