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How They Made Their Surprise Layover Less Miserable...

Flight layovers. Not the most exciting ventures, especially when you’re stuck overnight. The chairs aren’t comfortable, the food always seems to be greasier than normal, and people huddle around electrical outlets like a fire during a snowstorm.

What if there was a different solution to the wait? Instead of hunching over your phone’s 4” screen watching Netflix, or re-reading the only book you brought, or using your frumpy backpack as a makeshift pillow– what if you made SOCO your trip’s travel-sized savior?

That’s what one of our customers did on their last surprise overnighter. Instead of falling into the normal bleary-eyed routine, they decided to get some much needed rest and hang up their SOCO right at the gate.

We can’t promise a TSA agent won’t give you hassle about this, but it does make for a good naptime.

If you’re willing to take the risk, we advise you are doing your best to use sturdy support beams that will hold your weight. Try not to set up your SOCO more than a couple of feet above the ground. Do your best not to bother anybody either, the last thing you’ll want is to be woken up by someone complaining that your rear-end was in their face. Last, but not least, don’t let your luggage leave your sight, as you’ll hear on the intercom’s safety warning throughout the night.

Keep traveling, and stay safe.

Do you have any interesting pictures of your adventures with you SOCO? Send ‘em our way to make the subject: SOCO Pictures

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