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It's not maximum efficiency, but it is maximum humanity.

SOCO goes above and beyond to make sure our products are socially conscious. This includes giving 10% of the money we make from each sale to our non-profit partners, but that’s not the end of the process…

It’s true that our products are manufactured in Indonesia. We have a small team of fair wage artisans that sew together the parachute fabric into the base of the hammocks. These are then shipped to us in Austin, TX. They are not shipped, however, as final products.

Once we receive them in Austin, we have to make the buckles and straps. We order the polyester straps and metal buckles from two U.S. manufacturers. Those are shipped to us in large quantities, but again, not as final products. We have the straps and buckles sewn and cut down the road from us in Austin, TX. From there, we run the buckles individually through each hammock, by hand. Those hammocks are then inventoried and sent to our distributer down another road here in Austin.

We realize this isn’t the most efficient system. Often, in business, efficiency is key, lower the costs to maximize the profits. While this is true for many reasons, this logic can also be dangerous. Many businesses that apply this philosophy lose sight of the humanity in their productions. They cut corners, which doesn’t allow for the proper treatment of human lives.

SOCO is a passion project for its founders. It’s a way of doing business that allows for lives to be changed, that allows for employees to be treated properly from the manufacturing of the product through the treatment of the customer once receiving the product. It’s a business that hopes to inspire other people and business owners. Yes, the different moving parts create a less streamlined process. It slows down production. It’s not maximum efficiency, but it is maximum humanity.

Thank you for choosing SOCO, whether as a customer or a fan. Your support allows us to do our best to make this world a better place.

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