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Pack Up Your SOCO and GOGO!

Photo Credit: @robertoearnesto



Last week, we reposted an instagram from @robertoearnesto and it was one that re-inspired us.

At SOCO we love adventure, we love camping and hitting the open road. It's one of the reasons we started the company: to inspire people to go out and experience the world from a new lens. To go out in the world and enjoy family, friends, or even solitude from the comfort of a portable hammock. 

This picture got us excited as we got to think about the times we've changed our perspective, by relaxing under trees, or in the park, or even on a construction sight (oops, don't tell).

Hammocking allows you to free yourself from the constant moving that we tend to fixate in our lives. Moving from meeting to meeting, or project to project, can wear down on us and make us feel like we actually aren't going anywhere, and what we're doing today isn't enough for tomorrow.

So we hope this picture inspires you in the same way it inspires us. Sometimes it takes packing up a car and leaving for a bit to re-prioritize the things that are most important to us. Maybe you go away for a week in the mountains, or maybe it's just for an hour at the park down the street. Maybe you go full Walden and experience the grandness of the outdoors by yourself, or maybe you grab a friend, spouse, sibling, son, or daughter and go have fun swinging, conversing, reading, or just taking a much needed nap. 

Work needs to be done, no doubt about it, but sometimes it's better to slow down and breathe in a SOCO so that we can remember we work to live, not the other way around. 

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