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 Trick or Trill

Hammocking on Halloween makes for good alliteration, but does it make for good fun?

We think so.

Halloween, typically known for its frights and frills, can also be a lot of work. Whether you are looking for the perfect costume for the party that your best friends (or amicable co-workers) are throwing, or whether you have to go to the store in the middle of the evening to get more candy, it can be a lot of craziness for one night.

What if all the hoopla, you decided to hammock? 

Some ideas: 



Don’t want to keep opening the door for the trick-or-treaters? Be the candy-buffet house! Don’t want to refill a plastic cauldron every half hour? Set up your SOCO on the front porch (add fake spider webs for flair) and fill it to the brim with candy from your favorite bulk store. It’s lazy, but that way you and your “boo” can enjoy a nice scary movie uninterrupted.

Treat, Only Treat

Whether you leave your candy-filled-SOCO on the porch, or are the lame house with the lights off, go treat yourself to relaxing in a hammock. Set up your SOCO in the backyard, in a park, or (if possible) inside your house. Bring a laptop, and blanket, and watch classic Halloween movies with a friend or spouse. Make sure to take some candy for yourself. 

No Costume?

Take off your shoes, throw a SOCO on your back and go as “the chillest person you know.”

Hammock Tricks

Maybe all you want to do is embrace the fun and scare neighbors and friends. Well, if this is the case, set up a hammock in your front yard, dress yourself up as a zombie, hide yourself in your hammock, and at the perfect opportunities jump out and scare some trick-or-treaters. You better have some candy ready though, you may need to pacify some frightened children… also please don’t get arrested.


All in all we ask that you have fun, you be safe, and SOCO responsibly.


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