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A couple of weeks ago...

I received REI’s #OptOutside email. The #OptOutside push is promoting REI’s Black Friday marketing (Black Friday being the day after thanksgiving where stores and companies collectively give deals to increase traffic in their stores). And what exactly are REI’s black Friday deals?


They are closing their stores nation-wide.

This push from REI is radical amidst companies that make most of their major sales for the holidays on Black Friday. As an American consumer, I myself have participated, as well as pushed products for companies, on Black Friday. I have joined the ranks of people waiting in line outside of an electronics store at 4:00 AM in freezing cold weather. It’s not fun. When I should have been sleeping off the massive caloric intake I had the day before, I was waiting in line to get a Blu-Ray player for 30% off.


That’s why I love REI’s stand, their making a point: while gifts and deals are good, quality time is better. They are calling their customers to opt for time outside experiencing nature rather than time inside a department store getting pushed over for a pair of jeans.

At SOCO, we recognize that people aren’t bending over backwards to get their hands on our hammocks, our operation is humble (not a nation-wide electronics store). We won’t be having any huge Black Friday blow-outs, and we don’t think people will notice too much either. We do, however, agree that the holidays are for relaxing and putting on the hammock mindset, which says: opt for stillness.

So whether you’re opting outside, opting family time, or opting to hammock away the holidays, let me offer my sage-ish advice: enjoy who you’re around when you’re around them. It’s what the holidays are for. Not for punching a twelve-year old over a video game (not that I’m speaking from personal experience of course).

P.S. It doesn't mean we won't be offering some Cyber Monday deals though ;)



Chad Werner is a writer, filmmaker, and the social media manager for SOCO hammocks. His favorite part of hammocking is feeling, for a brief moment in time, that he can fly.


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