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Purpose AND Product

When SOCO started, our heart behind everything was that people matter. We’ve always believed that is a monumental foundation to success. People must be first. Above profit, above company values, above personal gain of any kind.

It’s why our name is SOCO, shortened for “Socially Conscious” (it’s not in reference to South Congress, a famous street in Austin, as many Austinites believe).

We value people with our non-profit support world wide. We value people by treating customers as what they are: people.

SOCO also values people on an entirely different spectrum.

Our product. 

It seems obvious, but is often forgotten. When starting a socially conscious business we have to remember that it’s important to not only know your purpose well, but to also create a product worth purchasing. We have to think as customers, not just as business owners. We need to consider consuming, not just creating. It’s part of being a people-first company.

When we put our perspective in the mind of a customer, we must think- what is it about the market that we want to see change? What new product feature or product is missing?

We aren’t ignorant to the fact that hammocks have existed for centuries, and we especially aren’t ignorant to the fact that portable camping hammocks exist in the market today.

We did, however, see an improvement in purpose, as well as design.

SOCO chose to take the less easy road in terms of new design, manufacturing, and sales. We work with a fair wage artisan group in Indonesia that takes longer in production, but allows for a clear conscious, and quality made product. We manufacture our tree straps and hammock buckles locally, which causes more of a headache in assembly, but gives us the freedom to produce a well-designed hammock. A hammock that gives full flexibility and faster set-up compared to other carabiner-type hammocks.

We wanted customers to have the fastest set-up with their hammocks, with the most options for their set-up. It’s why we chose the cinch-buckle design. Product as well as purpose. 

This isn’t a sales-pitch. This isn’t a game-changer. It’s an encouragement. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur living out of a people-first mentality, we hope you consider the purpose, as well as the product you’re selling for that purpose. Considering the importance of design as well as where your money is going.

If you are a customer, we encourage you to look for companies that put people first. They’re out there, and they’re using the power of business to make viable change in the world around us.

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