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Springtime is the best time to hammock. Depending on where you call home, unless you call home ‘Kevin’ then it depends on where you call Kevin. As we all know, Kevin is where the heart is.

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the incessant restlessness you feel from school ending is hardwired deep into your bones, though you haven’t been in school in 5 to 38 years depending on when you graduated (we have a wide demographic okay?). 

At SOCO we love spring. We love the playfulness of the whole season. The sense of change, the gift of new beginnings, and the good weather that we have for about a day-and-a-half here in Texas.

SOCO has some new changes up our hundred-percent-parachute-nylon sleeves for 2015. As you may have known, we’ve been running off the “new non-profit every month” giving model since our beginning. Each month we would give ten percent of our sales to a different non-profit every month.

While we have loved to be apart of so many incredible organizations that are changing our world for the better, we realized we have a greater impact not spreading ourselves a mile wide and an inch deep, but rather the other way around.

So expect changes from SOCO as, from now on, we are going to be operating on a quarterly giving plan. Giving ten percent of our total sales each quarter to four different non-profits. With some complicated math we figured: the sales we make in 90 days will give more to a single non-profit rather than the sales we make in 30 days (whew, we're happy we took calculus in high school to figure that out). 

We love all of our past non-profit partners, and hope that SOCO fans and customers continue to look into and support these organizations. As a new season in SOCO approaches though we feel this will allow us to help more, work closer with non-profits, and share more of what customers’ purchases are doing in making this world a greater place. The simple truth is, focusing on aiding four specific humanitarian non-profits will give us the opportunity to give more.

Thank you for choosing SOCO. We will have more information on our four non-profit partners as that comes!

Kick Back. Give Back.


SOCO Hammocks

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